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Change4humanity Team is a group of young individuals who are dedicated to making positive changes all around the world. Our team believes there is no need for huge budgets to fund the creation of quality for younger generations. All we need is passion and hardworking. We endeavor to ensure institutional democracy and fundamental human rights mentioned in the UN Human rights declaration.

About US

Our Mission

Raising awareness toward fundamental Rights and Freedoms as well as volunteer observation for implementation of these rights​

Empowering democratic society values via education, social activities and projects​

Assisting projects related to institutional transparency​

Helping to establish a tolerance culture in the society

Our Vision

Realization of a fair and free society ideal with respect to human dignity


transformation of democracy into an established value with its institutions and culture


adoption of basic human rights by all segments of society regardless of their social, economic, religious, ethnicity and gender differences.


civil society playing an active role in overseeing institutions.

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